Roof cleaning from the ground (soft wash)

Roofs are an important part of any building as it protects the space and the property from rain, hail, and heat. This is why there is a certain focus given to roofs so that it can completely cover the house from any damage caused by the outdoors. Overtime, roofs can become damage due to being exposed to rays of the sun and water. Stains such as black streaks as they feed on the moisture that is acquired on the top of the roof. The asphalt shingles have limestone granules, which makes it easier for moisture to be trapped in it and for the bacteria to grow. Once the outer coating of the shingles is covered with the bacteria, the roof shingles lose their ability to be able to reflect ultra-violet rays and can shorten the lifespan of the roof.

The dense, green-like lumps that form on roofs thrive due to moisture that is accumulated on the surface of the roof. These lumps can grow and form into other tinier branches on the roof. Not only are they unsightly but also they can completely ruin the look of your roof. Roofs need cleaning too and soft wash is one of the best ways to be able to remove all the unsightly growth and bacteria on the roof surface. Soft wash works better than pressure washing as it protects the surface of the roof and the shingles, which minimize the damage. Many self-proclaimed experts around Florida would say otherwise but if you do want damage on your roof then soft wash is the best option to take. The roof of any building is an important part of it, which is why it should be taken care of as much as the inside of the building is. Roofs safeguard your homes and offices from various elements such as the rain and the harsh rays of sunshine so make sure that you are giving it the extra care that it needs.

A more aggressive type of cleaning can ruin the shingles of the roof and even have the possibility to completely remove it from the roof surface. Soft wash can ensure that every nooks and cranny of the roof is cleaned thoroughly without penetrating beyond the actual part that needs to be cleaned. Pressure washing can trap moisture within the layers of the shingles and in the long-term; this can cause mold or rotting of the shingles. Soft washing does not leave any moisture trapped on the shingles and once it dries, every drop of moisture leaves the area that has been cleaned. With a gentler and milder approach, your roof can be completely cleaned without having to worry about causing damage to anything. The right cleaning techniques and steps are taken in order to clean the roof of your house and protect it as well as everything underneath it. Soft washing is safer and smarter cleaning alternative because it does not just simply clean but it can also prevent the surface from gaining anymore streaks or stains in the future.