From your teenager’s bedroom walls splattered with pushpin holes, to the furniture scuffs on the walls from the days when you rearranged the furniture, to the large soft spot in the wall from that leaky pipe, drywall can be damaged in many ways. Not only is drywall damage unsightly, but in some cases it can compromise the integrity of the wall. Putting up that painting over the damaged spot in the wall may seem like the only solution within budget, but luckily, help is not too far or too costly. Patch the small holes, or replace entire sections of drywall with Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services. 

Unfortunately, drywall repairs are tricky business. Without trained professionals, you could risk damaging more of the wall or hurting yourself in the process. There are many dangers to drywall repair, and if you are not a professional you should not try it in your own home. 

Extensive damage to your drywall, such as water damage, can pose a serious risk. Wet drywall loses integrity, and just letting it dry on its own will not undo the damage. Behind the walls, the water may have caused the inner sheets to unfasten. The backing of the drywall may start to peel away, leaving it brittle and ready to collapse. Without trained eyes, you may compromise the destruction of the whole wall and injure yourself in the process. Also, wet drywall is a breeding ground for dangerous molds. If you open the wall and expose yourself to mold, you may be breathing in dangerous toxins. Without professionals able to identify mold, you maybe be putting yourself and your family at risk.

 Apart from wet drywall, there are other risks to drywall repairs. The destruction and installation of drywall can produce a lot of dust, and without proper equipment, breathing the dust in can be dangerous. When coming into contact with the dust, you may experience eye irritation, coughing, or sore throat. When you continue to be exposed to these dusts, you can have more serious issues such as difficulty breathing, chronic cough, and in serious cases silicosis or the development of lung cancer. 

Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services is readily available with trained drywall professionals. They are able to patch small holes, install, and dismantle drywall for all of your repair needs. Common needs for drywall repair include small holes, such as pushpin or nail holes, cracking, water damage, termite damage, scuffing, large holes caused by brunt force, and loosened joint tape. Especially as your home ages, pipes sprout leaks, children drag toys across the walls, mom rearranges furniture, or dad hammers in the nail too hard, drywall repair is a common household need, but one that is best left to the professionals. Let Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services return your drywall back to original condition without the hassle and danger of doing it yourself, or the expensiveness of some other drywall repair specialists. Equipped with trained staff waiting for your call, they are ready to handle any drywall repair you may have.