Window Washing


Your home can be a lifetime’s work. You’ve spend years’ worth of time and resources to build a place you can come home to and raise a family. So when you come home and take a look at what you built, you do not want to see cloudy, streak-filled, or dirty windows. Dirty windows can be an eye sore for you, your neighbors, and a serious threat for curb appeal, especially for those who are planning to put it on the market. There’s a solution: window washing. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

Household windows usually tower over you, even on the first floor. Multiple-story homes present an even bigger problem when it comes to reaching the full window. Trying to reach these heights is incredibly dangerous if not left to professionals. Injuries may happen when people try to do it themselves. Trying to reach the top of the window on a flimsy ladder or hanging outside of the second story window to clean the outside can result in a serious fall. Trying to reach the window with a high-pressure hose without proper training can result in shattered glass. However, getting your windows clean does not have to result in a trip to the emergency room. Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services has highly trained professionals and proper equipment to make your windows sparkle without the hassle or the danger. 

Windows can become dirty from many different sources. On the inside, dirt and dust can collect, kitchen and bathroom splatters happen even to the most careful of people, household pets peer out the windows, leaving marks from their noses and breath, and children love to leave their fingerprints absolutely everywhere—along with many other unidentified substances on their little hands. The outside of the window is susceptible to the everyday dinge from changing weather, pollen buildup in the Spring, streaks from snow and rain, and cloudiness from the salt scattered on the roads during the winter. The outside of windows is also susceptible to the showering of grass blades from the lawnmower, or the inconsiderate bird that happens to be passing by. 

Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services is willing to clean all substances from your windows—the aftermath of an inconsiderate bird and the stains from your children’s hands included. Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services uses non-streak formulas for your windows to leave them looking untouched and brand new. The staff are equipped with proper ladders and ladder procedures and possess the best tools for effectiveness and reach. Lakewood Ranch specializes in pressure washing, also known as power washing, which uses high-pressure hoses to put out water at a speed that clears away dirt and grime. They are trained in the use of pressure washers, and are able to determine the proper amount of pressure for your windows. Without this knowledge, you risk destroying the paneling or siding around the window, and risk shattering the window itself. 

Contact Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services to best care for your windows. To get the job done safely, quickly, and completely, it is crucial to hire the well-trained staff available to you at Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services.