Pressure Washing


Here in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, the weather can be rather indecisive. With bouts of rain and bouts of heavy sunshine, the surfaces outside our homes become susceptible to unsightly, and unwanted, guests. The dampness caused by the rain and humidity can be a breeding ground for mold, and the sunshine allows for rapid plant growth. As your home grows older, dark spots and dirt naturally form on the siding of your home, pavement, and decks. Mold, weeds, and dirt can decrease the value of your home substantially. It can make the home more difficult to sell, or it can simply deter the feelings of pride you have in the home you have put time and money into making great. However the good news is that these unpleasant growths do not have to be permanent.

 Pressure Washing driveways, pathways, pool decks, cages, and the exterior of homes is a necessity. There are two main reasons why this is done: to protect the exterior of your home, and to remove any ugly dirt and mold that can severely damage the home’s curb appeal.  Pressure Washing, also called Power Washing, uses a high-pressure hose on the exterior surfaces of the home, decks, and pavements. The pressure is strong enough that it will easily remove unwanted, old paint, dirt, mold, plant matter and other layers stuck to it. However, the water is still gentle enough not to damage the siding of your home. Pressure Washer hoses also can be controlled, and the pressure can be adjusted according to the surface that is being washed. Wood, tiles, and roofing tiles can be susceptible to damage if too much water pressure is applied, so it is recommended to have professional power washers complete the job safely and efficiently for you. At Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services, we make sure to use the correct amount of water pressure to protect your home and get the job done right. Pressure Washing will leave the exterior of your home looking ten years newer, clean, and can prevent any damage caused by mold or plant life that can build up on these surfaces. Dirt and grime on pavements and pathways can also create a slippery surface, creating a great risk for falling. Not only is Pressure Washing a way to keep the home looking better, it is also a necessary way to keep your home and your family safe.