Soft Washing


When it comes to cleaning different surfaces on the exterior of your home, one size does not fit all. When cleaning concrete or brick surfaces of the home, a typical pressure wash with a high-pressure hose will do the trick. However, if you apply the same pressure washer to other surfaces such as roofing shingles, you just might lose part of your roof. Different materials differ in sensitivity and integrity. When it comes to your more sensitive materials such as vinyl, shingles, stucco, gutters, dryvit, and more, you should use soft washing services. 

Similar to pressure washing, soft washing is a lower pressure alternative for your “softer” materials that might otherwise be damaged by regular pressure washing. Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services offers soft washing services that can restore these surfaces to look like their original state. 

Regular soft washing upkeep for surfaces such as vinyl, shingles, stucco, gutters, dryvit and more is not only to keep your home aesthetically pleasing (although it does this, too!). Nobody wants their home to look like it has been through years of wear and tear, and soft washing certainly offers a solution to making your home look years newer, but it also might save the very integrity of your house. These outside surfaces on your house are exposed to years of around the clock exposure to the elements. Sunlight, snow, rain, and wind can leave your surfaces dark and dingy. However, in areas with heavy rain or humidity, this dinge might be overlooked. Wet areas are the perfect environment for mold to grow, which can attack the integrity of the surface.

Mold is especially dangerous on roofs. The roof is the most common exterior surface to collect mold, because it is not commonly included during routine pressure washing of house siding. Because of this, and that it receives the brunt of all rainfall, roofs are particularly susceptible to mold. Mold gets into the pores of the roofing shingles and it beings to deteriorate. If left untreated for an extended period of time, the integrity of these shingles lessens. Eventually, the mold will render them ineffective and your roof will become susceptible to damage. A damaged roof can collapse, costing thousands, or injuring someone in your household. However, this devastation can easily be avoided by regular soft washing treatments, which can effectively get rid of the mold on your roofs without damaging the shingles.

Mold can deteriorate other surfaces of your home, such as paneling, and it is best to use soft washing to eliminate the possibility of these surfaces collapsing. Soft washing removes the mold, and also removes dirt and dust that has collected over time. Soft washing leaves surfaces looking clean and years newer, and protects your home from integrity loss. Lakewood Ranch Pressure Washing and Handyman Services offers professionals in soft washing, who are able to determine what amount of pressure is a perfect fit for each of your surfaces in need. Contact them today for quick, cost-efficient, and effective soft washing services.